Logo Design & Pixelation

Take a look at the sample logos to the left. The top logo is a vector file, and the bottom is a raster file. You can easily see the pixelation in the bottom image. If your logo is a raster file and you make it too large, it will distort. On the other hand, if your logo is a vector file, you can literally blow it up to the size of the moon. And guess what? No distortion. So why would anyone design a logo in raster? Typically, this happens when a non-professional designs a logo. Most of the time, the person who designed it just doesn't know the difference between vector and raster.

Logo Redesign

In the example to the left, ILS came to us and requested a logo re-design. They wanted this for two reasons. One, they knew they needed a vector logo because they were having some issues with distortion when applying the logo in specific areas. And two, they wanted to change a couple things like color, font, and the relative size of the objects in the logo. The image on the top is what we ended up with, as you can see, a much clearer representation of their brand.

Getting a vector logo isn't a complicated process, and it won't bust your budget either. If you want your logo to be perfectly crisp even in large format, vector is your answer. To get started today, please contact us.